About Us

"One Cannot build future without a well-planned strategy of growth"

"Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of good intention, sincere, effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution. It represents the wise choice of many alternatives."

Today, most of the business houses don’t just need products; they need solutions, services, heterogeneous platforms, inter-operability, flexibility and much more at a sensible cost. They need competent and complementing resources, which give a cutting edge to their core competencies.

It is a fact that “you cannot satisfy all the customers all the time with all the products and services “. It is also a challenge to be able to be admirably close to do so in an ever evolving and resource hungry world.

Our dream are offering the best to best IT service & Solutions to each of our clients! Computer, Server, Laptop etc. are an integral part of any business or company. Your work can come to a standstill if even a minor issue occurs with your IT Infra Equipements. So, Whether it's an IT products repair or just some help and advice. Instant Computer Technologies is the best cost-effective IT Infrastructure Service & Solutions provider in the Greater Noida , That can help you.

Data Center Solutions

2+ Years

Instant Computer Technologies have made a modest beginning from December 2021 from a small office in Greater Noida, and working with latest infrastructure to provide all types of computer hardware, software, servers, annual maintenance and services in IT sectors for respected clients. We have always chosen quality over price, honesty over greed and long term approach over short term profit.

All Over Greater Noida

We serving the across the Greater Noida.

Our customer service knowledge, competence in implementation and after sales services are approached centrally to everything we do. IT Facility Management Services are the main areas of our business in which we are working with small, medium and large organizations.

Team Members

Instant Computer Technologies truly believes that the customer is the king. We are more than happy to provide you the best. We ensure that the complaints of the customers are taken care of and their complaints are resolved at the earliest. This determination has helped in gaining more and more respected clients.

Professional service is the main aim to motivate us to get more and more orders from respected customers. Instant Computer Technologies always provides quality services to support its respected clients with never ending relationship and commitment.


No organization is ever complete without its employees. At Instant Computer Technologies, we have an exemplary team of IT professionals and technical experts who can solve all your computer problems within minutes. We assign our experts for customer call only after the proper screening and training. Our pool of talented professionals work in unison to put their best foot forward. Each of our technical experts is highly knowledgeable, disciplined, punctual, cordial, hardworking and dedicated.


Our mission is to offer cost effective laptop and desktop AMC services in Greater Noida and nearby areas, At Instant Computer Technologies we have our team deployed 24×7 to provide impeccable services to each of our customers. We aim to achieve 100% customer satisfaction, and hence we never compromise on the quality of our services. We aim to adhere to our integrity, honesty and excellence while engaging with vendors, employees and customers.

Our History

IT infrastructure services
'We believe in adding worth to your business'

Instant Computer Technologies are aware of this fact and believe in it -to the last letter and to last better. The longer you last, better you get strong customer-centric ethics are built into our system and business processes itself.

Our professional team uses their skills and expertise to resolve difficult IT issues faced by our customers, creating use of recent however helpful and new technology in hardware, software, and services as per the need.

Instant Computer Technologies operates in Greater Noida providing innovative IT solutions, IT infrastructure management services, server, storage virtualization technologies, Security Survelliance, facility management services and also computer AMC.

When we partner with our clients in addressing their issues, we take full ownership of the project right from the start to the end besides; our professionals continue to assist our clients by providing upgrades and add-ons, so they do not face any issues catching up with the newest technological advancement.

What We Are

Our strength lies in providing the best IT solutions and services that enhance your business growth. Our expertise in being the skilled IT service provider and a system integrator permits us to align IT organizations with their core business objectives.

Today, we are in a position to meet practically all the requirements of our customers, be it IT products, specialized services and support, consultancy on enabling technologies and making them work for you.

What is important is the “Customer”. Our endeavour has always been to develop, enhance, sharpen and redefine our abilities and capacity, technically and otherwise around this core which is called as the “Customer”.

We help your business with the following

  • Manage Operational costs
  • Focus data center groups on strategic priorities
  • Improve IT delivery and service quality
  • Leverage technologies to change smarter, efficient business processes for a richer client experience
  • Optimize risk management and security
Why Choose Us?

From consulting to support we offer all services below one roof. We work closely with you to enhance your IT performance and increase results.

  • Instant Computer Technologies works with strategic process that guarantees sleek IT functioning within your organization, resulting in multiplied potency in results.
  • ConsultThe strategic approach of consulting helps you establish where, when and what is required in your business to help streamline it more towards a dynamic data center.
  • AnalyzeA thorough analysis of all the loopholes and strengths of your business helps produce tailored resolutions for your business.
  • ArchitectureIdentifying potential technology options that will help bridge the gaps between what's missing and which technology has to be deployed to fill those missing gaps.
  • ImplementWithout disrupting the on-going setup we integrate, install, deploy and check.
  • ManageWith efficient management, we boost productivity and optimize system performance.
  • SupportWe offer real-time access to eligible engineers that can allow your team to maximize output within lesser time.