Whether it's an IT Infra Devices repair & servicing or just some help and advice. Instant Computer Technologies is the best cost-effective IT Infrastructure Services & Solutions provider in the Greater Noida and Delhi NCR, that can help you.

Instant Information Technology Solutions for All Corporates

There are thousands of IT Infrastructure Solutions providers in Delhi NCR but most of them provide only hardware support; they don’t offer services like web development, network support, server support, etc. but Instant Computer Technologies an IT Infrastructure Service & Solutions provider across the Delhi NCR, analyzes the client’s current setup, understands their requirement from the IT setup, tries to address the current and future requirement issues, and accordingly offers the solutions. whether, for hardware or software, our best-qualified technicians will give better IT Infrastructure Service & Solutions at an affordable budget at your premises. We work with the latest and updated technologies for better tech device performance.

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Get repair & Maintenance Services for your Tech devices & IT Infra at your On-Premises.
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Instant Computer Technologies are fixed all kinds of hardware and software problems of your tech devices like Computer Server, Desktop, Laptop, Printer, CCTV Camera, EPABX, Computer Networking (LAN/WAN & Wireless), Firewall, Access Control Systems, UPS Etc.

Software And Research

Instant Computer Technologies has time-proven experience and reputable expertise in the development of document management solutions, e-commerce applications, business application and automation software, custom software solutions, and online applications supporting business-to-business collaborations. We also provide custom-built applications as per the customer's requirement. 

IT Infrastructure Services

Instant Computer Technologies provides our clients with ongoing monitoring, management, support, updates, upgrades, and planning of your IT infrastructure, as well as support and training for your team using those systems. We manage all your critical IT Infrastructure components – workstations, servers, storage devices, firewalls, routers, switches, EPABX, CCTV Surveillance, and more. We provide service & Solutions for small, medium, and large organizations.

Power Your Business's IT Infra Operations with Instant Computer Technologies.

Instant Computer technologies Team is active for the applications, processes, and platforms that support IT and business functions Smooth. This includes configuring, installing, and maintaining software and hardware, as well as database management, preventing downtime, disaster recovery, and deploying and integrating with the latest technologies.

Instant Fiber Networking Solutions

We Provide the Best Services and Offer Solutions

Business Analysis

Instant Computer Technologies work for companies across a wide variety of industry verticals to help them capitalize on the possibilities afforded by business analytics. We collaborate to deliver real-time analytics, business intelligence and assist them with governance, risk and IT compliance. Our analytics experts offer a full suite of customized business analytics solutions. They can help you to monitor your analytics, create dashboards and provide continuously-updated reports. This allows you and your stakeholders to make better business decisions. All you have to do is decide to contact us today.

Reports Analysis

Instant Computer Technologies helps you evaluate your business decisions based on data insights. What makes an analytical report different is that it gives you recommendations instead of just plain numbers. Analytical reports are based on historical data, statistics and provide predictive analysis for a specific issue.

Cloud Computing

Instant Computer Technologies analyze what is the right cloud strategy for your business. The team consults the customers to assess the problem and chart out a road map for the cloud-based development. To make the information secure, Instant Computer Technologies creates application architecture and its design to optimize the business process. We have implemented cloud-based computing across various industrial verticals. Clients using our services have witnessed a boost in the profitability, productivity, and optimization of the resources of their enterprises.

Security Enhanced

Our IT network experts firstly investigate the security loopholes in the existing network, propose and implement a highly secure mechanism to make it cost-effective. We consider and take care of anti-virus, anti-spam, anti-spyware, firewall, VPN, wireless access point, and access lists while maintaining 100% network security. We also have a comprehensive range of security solutions with coverage of all perimeters of your network, from the gateway to endpoint security.

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